Recoil® pocket springs

The Recoil® springs are barrel-shaped and maintain their performance level regardless of the angle load: powerful, proportional and continuous hypertension or rebounding force. They guarantee maximum support while sleeping and assistive propulsion while you move in your sleep. The special pre-stress applied combats dimpling.


  • barrel-shaped
  • work individually
  • contains 25% more steel
  • has more coils than a traditional spring
  • pre-stressed to counter dimpling
  • individually packed in noiseless pockets made of synthetic, non-woven material
  • durable and environmentally friendly

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Comfort shell

Surrounding the core of Recoil® pocket springs is the comfort shell. This shell is made up of many layers — the comfort layer, the pressure distributor (made of silk or felt) and the ticking — all designed for optimal support and reclining comfort.

The comfort shell not only determines whether you lie comfortably, but it does so night after night. So, adequate moisture and heat regulation is also crucial.

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Comfort layer

The comfort layer consists of a superior, flexible foam for durable reclining comfort performance. Recor Bedding works with foam thicknesses up to a maximum of 3.5 centimetres for the express purpose of guaranteeing the optimal functioning of the springs. This layer is especially important, because night after night it withstands the impact of intense heat and moisture. Recor Bedding guarantees performance without the loss of quality or degeneration of the materials in the long term.


Cellflex is a specially designed, blue-marbled, elastic foam with a density of 55 kilograms per square metre. Unlike traditional PU or HR foams, which have a low density, a tendency to degrade and can cause dimpling, Cellflex is uniquely high-performance. The open-cell structure ensures optimal ventilation and moisture regulation and unprecedented durability when it comes to reclining comfort without degradation. As opposed to cold foam, Cellflex can handle long-term, intense impact, which means that it does not lose its functional capacity in the long term, like traditional cold-foam variants do.

Talalay latex

Talalay latex is a high-resilience, high-elasticity type of rubber. This latex is obtained from the milky sap exuded from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree. Talalay latex goes one step further at the cellular level with its open cell structure, and this is significant advantage when it comes to sleeping climate and moisture regulation. Body heat does not accumulate but is dispersed, and moisture evaporates more quickly. In combination with the pocket springs, Talalay has superior comfort and moisture- and heat-regulating capacities.

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Ticking is the fabric that surrounds the mattress like a skin. It is the all-encompassing cover and the final component of the comfort layer. The term 'skin' is no coincidence, because just like our own skin, the ticking regulates the moisture and heat dispersion of the mattress. There are two types of ticking: woven ticking (damask) or knitted ticking (High-Definition Micro Tencel).


Damask is a stiffer fabric without a great deal of 'give', although it is a high performer in moisture and heat regulation. These damask layers are stitched together, above and below, using an artisanal textile manufacturing method. This means that you cannot unzip and remove this ticking from the mattress like you can with the knitted ticking. MyBed: Deluxe damask made of a viscose-cotton blend with a satin feel MyBed Natural: Damask made of a viscose-flax blend

  • MyBed Classic: Deluxe damask made of a viscose-cotton blend with a satin feel
  • MyBed Nature: Damask made of a viscose-flax blend


High-Definition Micro Tencel

Composed of ultra-fine, knitted yarn made of a new type of fibre called Micro Tencel. This fibre is spun from FSC-certified Eucalyptus wood pulp and is processed in a ‘closed loop’. It complies with the highest safety and sustainability regulations in Europe. The result is an extremely stable, durable, soft and silky fabric, which even surpasses the quality of cellulose fibres. This knitted ticking is removable.

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