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Quality sleep is essential. According to recent scientific research, a lack of sleep disrupts the functioning of the frontal cortex, the area in the brain responsible for mental functioning, and it can lead to depression and also contribute to overweight and diabetes.

So listen to your body — we do, at Recor Bedding. Getting a good night's sleep not only requires mental calm; it also has a physical component. Knowing that every body is different, we also know that the perfect support is different for everyone.

How do I choose a mattress?

Body type and weight

Body type, or build, and body weight are decisive factors when choosing the right sleep solution, but just as important is your sleeping position. From the standpoint of ergonomics, sleeping on your side is considered the best position — three-quarters of the people sleep on their sides — but, of course, you may prefer a different position.

In your search for the most suitable mattress, your sleeping position preference will certainly be a factor when, together with our advisers, you choose the best sleep system for you. In any case, take the time to put this to the test by lying down for long enough in your natural sleeping position while testing the mattress in the shop.

Recor Bedding offers various sleep programmes which fulfil your concrete sleep needs. MyBed uses your specific body shape as the starting point.

Your form is our norm

No two people are the same, and every body has a different build. Logical. But that means that every body needs different support. Your body's form is our norm, because depending on your contours, you should — while lying on the mattress — have maximum support in all zones. The shoulders, for example, require less support. While the other zones, such as the hips, require somewhat more or less support, depending on the other support points.

That is why, at Recor Bedding, we have developed MyBed, a sleep system which includes a mattress programme with four form-specific mattresses: A, H, V and X. These four mattresses meet the needs of the most common body shapes. The shapes of these letters represent the position of the shoulders relative to the hips.

Do you have wider shoulders and narrower hips? Then you are type V. Do you have wider hips but are narrower in the shoulders? Then an A mattress is your best bet. No idea which form best matches your body? No problem. Our MyBed sleep advisers will assist you every step of the way in selecting the right mattress for you.

The bed base, more than just support

A good sleep system is more than a mattress alone. Your bed base also plays an important role in providing the correct support for your body. MyBed combines the right mattress with the right bed base. Especially for this system, Recor Bedding has developed interactive bed bases which reinforce the body-contouring effects of the mattress.

How is that possible? Well, each one of the slats in this bed base is guided by 3D spring elements which are interconnected with one another. This allows these 3D linking elements to create an optimal pressure distribution, while also pushing upward at those zones which require greater support.

A good bed base provides stability and support but also adapts to the different loads of each body zone. Only then will your muscles and spinal column totally relax. This way you sleep comfortably and, above all else, healthily. What's more, the bed base also plays an important role in the ventilation of your mattress. Bed base and mattress work together, night after night, to guarantee consistent performance.

So, MyBed is not just the sum of a mattress and a bed base; it is a complete sleep programme with a formula for success.

The MyBed formula for success, proven by the Spinescanner

The Spinescanner was developed by and for clinical back specialists and is used to literally map out your spinal column. Your backbone is an extremely important indicator of your sleeping comfort. Why? Well, it has mostly to do with your intervertebral discs, the pads between your vertebrae which work as shock absorbers and stabilisers. Throughout the day, these discs absorb the majority of the forces which act on our backs.

When standing, your back always has a preferred posture in which your vertebrae and the discs between them follow a natural curve. The secret to a refreshing night's rest is to achieve and maintain this curve even while lying down. This way the spongy intervertebral discs relax optimally and, while sleeping, they can repair themselves completely and reabsorb fluids. The Spinescanner provides objective evidence, so you can know if you have the right mattress and bed base.

Would you like to perform this test? Make an appointment with our sleep specialist.

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