Belgian Craftsmanship

Quality Sleep is more than a philosophy or a quality label for craftsmanship, design and innovation. It sets out in explicit terms our continual striving for quality and perfection with a view to the ultimate sleeping comfort.

At Recor Bedding, we apply 10 principles for Quality Sleep. Each facet of our operational management, from production to communication with the end user, is assessed against these principles. You could call them the Ten Commandments.

Our Ten Commandments

The manifesto 

  1. Quality Sleep sets out in explicit terms our devotion and unceasing commitment to quality, perfection and respect, with a view to the ultimate sleeping comfort for the end user.

  2. Quality Sleep stands for continuous striving to bring all physiological and technological knowledge into balance, with a view to improving sleep.

  3. Quality Sleep supports the individualisation of sleep comfort, as opposed to its mass production.

  4. Quality Sleep is a hallmark of well-thought-out craftsmanship. A signature and model of artisanal expertise.

  5. Quality Sleep increases comfort — turning is a good thing, but thrashing is not.

  1. Quality Sleep tests every innovation for function, purpose and result. Technique and design are not goals in and of themselves, but a means to the correct total balance between body, mattress and bed system.

  2. Quality Sleep is a quality label for effective performance and expert construction. Everything always revolves around customised work; in other words, we do not juggle with numbers or umpteen different zones.

  3. Quality Sleep stands for sustainability and durability — in material choice and in service life — but also in the interaction between the body, the mattress and the bed system.

  4. Quality Sleep always keeps a result in mind — a result that exceeds the sum of the respective parts. Bed, bed system or mattress — our focus is always on a multi-layered structure of mutually reinforcing performance and qualities.

  5. Quality Sleep stands for an ecosystem. At the micro-level, what matters is optimal moisture- and heat regulation in comfort-optimising sleep systems. At the macro-level, we are continuously striving for a close-knit connection throughout the entire chain, from production up to and including the end user.

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