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Recor Bedding has been active for 70 years now crafting high-quality mattresses and beds for the general public. Recor has an extensive and varied programme of sleep systems. Take a look at our brochures to explore our selection of product ranges, such as Avvio and Carte Blanche.

Carte Blanche

Looking for a box spring? Then Carte Blanche offers you numerous possibilities. This complete box spring programme allows you to put together the bed of your dreams. Combine a Visco Gel mattress with the bed frame of your choice in a wide variety of models, materials and accessories. With a personalised Carte Blanche box spring, you turn your bedroom into a sleep paradise.




The Avvio Collection is a complete sleep system in which the high-performance zone mattresses are constructed around the patented Recor Hypercoil pocket springs. The comfort shells surrounding these mattresses are available in various materials, such as Cellflex, Lazy Foam, Latex or Natural latex.

The performance of these Avvio mattresses is supported by special bed bases which utilise flexible spring slats made of high-quality plywood and durable, elastic rubber caps suspended in stable frames.

Based on various options, you can compose a complete bed yourself in the model of your choice and with the materials you prefer. Would you like to know more about the Avvio Collection? Discover all the details in our special Collection brochure.