One-third of our lives are spent in bed. Therefore, a good bed is of fundamental importance. A technically high-performance sleep system, tailored to your body, contributes to your sleeping comfort and to your quality of life, but also remember to sleep in style.

Discover Recor Bedding's design programme and their three MyBed collections: Urban, Luxe and Zen. They are the epitome of harmony in form, function and aesthetics.


Urban brings colour and contrast into your bedroom. Whether your bedroom is compact or whether it is part of a spacious loft, the Urban programme is in line with your personality. Sleep is not a action word, and a bed is not an instrument. What your bed is, though, is a piece of furniture that is part of your life. Day and night.

Urban Collection, Curved
Urban Collection, Bend
Urban Collection, Basso
Urban Collection, Wide


A good night's rest is a coveted luxury, one which is made entirely tangible with the Luxe Collection. With an eye for detail, generous in its use of quality materials, but never excessive. Luxe is stylized and distinguished. Symbol of elegance.

Luxe Collection, Swindon
Luxe Collection, Belize
Luxe Collection, Ceylon
Luxe Collection, Fessura
Luxe Collection, Ruby
Luxe Collection, Padstow


The Zen Collection brings everything into balance: serenity and space, day and night. The materials used and their textures speak for themselves and discreetly enhance your sleep experience. It is not about the bed, but about the feeling of restfulness, because sleep is really about returning to yourself.

Zen Collection, Seiza
Zen Collection, Timia
Zen Collection, Daibai
Zen Collection, Gozan
Zen Collection, Fuso

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