70 years of experience

Recor was officially established in 1949 by René Corthouts. The company name is a contraction of the first letters of the founder's first name and surname. René Corthouts, only 24 years old at the time, devoted himself to the production and sales of mattresses, all from a small building in Hasselt.

Market leader with name and fame

Driven by innovation, the company has undergone explosive growth — growth based on sleeping comfort, which is and remains a fundamental mainstay of the company. Recor has convincingly developed into the Belgian market leader in quality furniture — from sleeping comfort to sofas and cabinet systems — and an international furniture group. But Recor secured its reputation with high-quality mattresses and, by extension, with its innovative sleep systems.

Research & Development

In its own Research & Development Department, designers and engineers work together closely on technological and aesthetic innovations with a view to creating the best sleep systems in which high-quality mattresses are combined with interactive slatted bed bases and box springs!

Record-breaking comfort

In 1987, the production of the mattresses and box springs was moved to a modern factory in Genk. The factory caused a furore, thanks to the expertise of the employees, and laser-guided cutting machines, automatic stitching machines and a completely new adhesives line were put into operation. Despite the intensive industrial processes, Recor Bedding continues to prioritise traditional handiwork. This, in turn, serves as the basis for Quality Sleep, a philosophy of dedication and the unceasing pursuit of quality, perfection and respect to do everything possible to ensure the ultimate sleeping comfort for the end user.

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