Technology embedded in design

With our unique blend of technology and design, we at Recor, the Belgian sleep specialist, have been focusing our energy for more than 70 years now on perfecting the ultimate sleeping comfort. Style and comfort are supported in this endeavour by technology and innovation.

Quality Sleep

Ultimate sleeping comfort requires so much more than craftsmanship, and that is why Recor Bedding epitomizes the Quality Sleep philosophy. As part of their commitment to this philosophy, our engineers and our designers continuously strive for improvements in technology, form and function and harmonise each component of the bed for the benefit of your ultimate night's rest.

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Highway to dreamland

We spend more than one-third of our lives in bed. Sleeping. Sleeping well is living well, but what is 'sleeping well'?

Sleeping well means coming to rest, in all senses of the word. Both mentally and physically, a good night's sleep allows you to recharge and face the new day with renewed energy, fresh and full of life. Quality sleep is essential. So listen to your body — we do, at Recor Bedding.

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Sleep systems

The perfect sleep balance means that the distribution of pressure in your favourite sleeping position is optimal. Shoulder, back, neck and pelvis are all supported in the correct manner by our complete sleep systems comprised of mattresses in combination with interactive bed bases or box springs. Discover the secret of the ultimate sleeping comfort and this powerful combination, all the way down to the finest details.

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One-third of our lives are spent in bed. Therefore, a good bed is of fundamental importance. A technically high-performance sleep system, tailored to your body, contributes to your sleeping comfort and to your quality of life, but also remember to sleep in style.

Discover Recor Bedding's design programme and their three collections: Urban, Luxe and Zen. They are the epitome of harmony in form, function and aesthetics.

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Spring in the pocket

Each mattress is composed of various components and layers. Recor Bedding is known for its unique, patented Recoil® pocket springs which optimally absorb the angle load on the mattress.

The comfort shell surrounding the mattress has also been designed to enhance sleeping comfort. Each Recor mattress is skilfully constructed with mutually reinforcing materials and qualities. And just like our mattresses, our complete sleep systems are supported by technology and innovation.

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